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March 2nd, 2004
Appetite For Destruction tops Kerrang! list + New site promoting the Greatest Hits album + Michael Monroe mentions Axl & Slash
In the February 28th, 2004 issue of Kerrang! magazine, there was a 110 Essestial Albums list divided into eleven categories. Such as rock, hard rock, heavy metal etc.

Appetite For Destruction topped the Hard Rock list:

Guns N' Roses
Appetite For Destruction

They might have inhabitated the same genre and clubs as the poodle rockers but ideologically Axl and co were poles apart. Exploding the 80s me me me bubble with menacing broadsides from the desperate gutters of LA, Guns N' Roses brought a real sense of danger to music. They were five scumbags playing greatest songs in rock histrory held together by a volatile chemistry that the band -once it began to unravel - would fail to match. 17 years on their gloriously nihilistic calling card still sells 9000 copies a week.

There's a new site promoting the Greatest Hits album. You can see it by clicking here.

Here are the Axl mentions from Metal Sludge's 20 Questions with Michael Monroe:


4. Axl Rose once said that: "If Hanoi Rocks would have reached the success they should have had, no-one would have ever heard of Guns 'N' Roses." Do you think that's true?
"If pigs could fly..." If Razzle hadn't died, if we hadn't split up in -84... there's no way of knowing.

Axl actually said that to me too, and it's possible. Could be. He actually said nobody would know about Guns 'N' Roses, Motley Crue or any of that stuff. I think Guns N Roses have a strong thing and they always did. That's why they were not afraid to mention Hanoi as one of their influences. But certain other bands, for sure, would have paled in comparison had we been luckier. I don't know, it's hard to say. Who knows? It's possible. I think Guns 'N' Roses and Hanoi would have been good together. I think Hanoi Rocks is more like a rock 'n' roll band, sound wise, and Guns 'N' Roses were much heavier. They're more like a Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith type of heavy. We're more like the Stones, but punky. They had their sound which I think was pretty heavy so they're different types of bands, really. I think there would have been plenty of room for both. There can never be too many good rock bands in this world!


Axl Rose = 3 words: Dan McCafferty, Nazareth... and some advice: Lose the "hire d guns" and get back with the real Guns & Roses - Slash, Duff & the rest.


13. The Guns N Roses members were very much into Hanoi Rocks and they released your European back catalogue in America on their UZI SUICIDE label thru Geffen Records. How did this benefit you or the others financially?
Sure, we got some kind of an advance, but mainly it was great to have those records available in the States. I'll always be grateful to the Guns for releasing them. However, Hanoi not functioning at the time didn't help the sales... then again, Hanoi's greatness has never really reflected in the record sales so far...

Besides, when I did their single, "Ain't It Fun," it was a spontaneous kind of thing for Stiv Batters. They flew me over to L.A. to do the sax and harp on the "Use Your Illusion" album, which I did on that song "Bad Obsession." So while I was there I was playing in the car, I made a tape compilation of the Dead Boys for Axl and when he heard "Ain't It Fun," he was like "wait a minute." Cause he told me he had never heard of the Dead Boys. And I was like, "that's amazing, you have to know the Dead Boys." So he says, "I seem to remember this song, it's great, lets get the band together, lets do this song. Let's do it as a duet." Well, fucking brilliant! In memory of Stiv Bators. He had all these plans for a video, which never happened, however, I said, "all I want for this is to put 'in memory of Stiv Bators." Just to make people aware it's for Stiv. And it ended up on the "Spaghetti Incident" album. When we did it it was magical. We sang it live together. We did a little ritual there and lit candles around us there, because he used to do that, he was like a magician in one way. However, we did the song and it was like the 3 of us were singing. It wasn't a duet, it was like Stiv's voice was coming through Axl. In places he sounds just like Stiv. It gave me the creeps. It gave me the chills when he said, "ain't it fun when you feel like you gotta get a gun." In a couple of moments it's just like Stiv. I was like, "wow!" He was definitely there. The guy who actually wrote the song died. Laughner and Cheetah Chrome wrote this. Peter Laughner was like the Dead Boys roadie. It was the only song he ever wrote in his life. And then he died. And when Dead Boys did the record, they recorded the guy in some hallway, he was drunk on the floor one night saying, "I'm dead, I'm dead." So at the end of the Dead Boys version, when it fades out you can hear the echo of the guy going, "I'm dead, I'm dead." So Axl heard that and was like "Fuck man, maybe we shouldn't do this song." And I was like, "no, no, no, no, no, Stiv was about love. This is the right thing. It couldn't be anymore right than this." So all I asked for was mention Stiv Bators name on the record, that's great, and spell my name right. Cause my damager at the time was like, "this will be big time then, should I speak to the Guns 'N' Roses manager?" I was like, "Don't do nothing of the kind. If I catch you talking to anybody about this I'll kill you, you bastard. You're not going to fuck this up! I want to make sure the song gets on the album and that's it." I didn't get anything for it except a normal session fee for playing in the studio. So, it's never been a money making scheme.


Last time you talked to Axl Rose = So long ago, I can't remember.


20. Time for Metal Sludge's Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Slash = One of the best, the right kind of guitar player. A good friend.


The whole thing is available at metal-sludge.com

Source(s): Kerrang! February 28th, 2004 , http://metal-sludge.com/  
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