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March 20th, 2004
GN'R On Album Charts + Izzy & Steven update
The Greatest Hits album has started to appear on album charts all over Europe.

The album has entered the following albums charts:

Finland @ #6
Ireland @ #1
UK @ #2 (25000 copies sold in its first day).

The Greatest Hits album is also available for purchase on iTunes.com.

Appetite For Destruction is also making appearances on various charts. In Sweden it went from #8 to #6 on the hardrock chart. In Calgary, Canada it's at #9 on the local hardrock chart and at #12 on the national one.

This is from The Official Steven Adler FanSite:

Steven returned from LA with a CD-R featuring two songs of his collaboration with Izzy! One new original song, and a cover of the classic oldie, “Do you Love Me?”. Izzy’s friend JT flew in from Texas. He plays bass on the tracks and he also engineered the session. Izzy took the lead vocal duty and Steven contributed backing vocals. The songs were recorded at Izzy’s home on his digital 8 track. They did about five takes of each song, and Steven was surprised when JT complimented him by saying, “Dude, you are an amazing drummer!” Steven says the recording sounds "fucking great!" and would like to send the tracks to some radio stations, most likely those in Europe. Also, the three of them plan to return in April to record five more songs! In other news, Brent Muscat recently bought a house in Vegas, and Jizzy has moved in with him. They will begin writing songs for an original Adler’s Appetite record, which should be finished by late summer and hopefully out by the end of the year. Robbie and Keri are staying with Steven this weekend. Tonight they have a gig at The Beach club, which will be sponsored by the guitar and amp company, Carvin. Singer John Corabi (The Scream/Motley Crue) will be contributing lead vocals. After the show Steven, Brent and Jizzy plan to join them on stage. If it dosen’t happen at the Beach, it will certainly transpire at the after party at their favorite local hangout, The Tailspin. Pretty cool, huh?!

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Thanks to: John Daniels, malcolm, duff your kagan, Reckless Rose, Eric, charliedontsurf, KZiggy 
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