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March 24th, 2004
Duff on TotalRock 6-9pm (UK time) [updated] + Duff & Slash on Danish tv + JOSH FREESE: AXL ROSE Was Always Nice And Generous To Me
Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagen is to join Andy King live on TotalRock from 6-9pm (UK time). Duff will be discussing the band's upcoming debut album, 'Contraband'...and the words 'Guns N' Roses' might be mentioned!

Update: Here's some of the things mentioned in the interview:

- Duff and Slash went to Tokyo for 72 hrs, flew to Paris, then to Amsterdam and now they're in London.

- They had done interviews, but not only with established media but also a bunch of kids from fanzines and websites.

- Duff mentioned that he was in Loaded and studying for his degree, but when he played together with Matt and Slash again after eight years, he knew he wasn't gonna finish the semester at school.

- They tried different producers but liked the sound Josh Abraham had done with Hole. Bob Ezrin was "too lush". They wanted to get the album to sound like what they sound live. Andy Wallace mixed the album and it took longer to mix than record it.

- They're gonna shoot the video for "Slither" on April 4th and plan on touring around the time when the single is out.

- Duff mentioned Scott's heroin habit.

He said they're all sober except Slash who likes to have a few Guinness every night.

Duff said him and Slash took the Keith Richards route since they never got busted with drugs.

He mentioned how Scott would do stupid things when buying drugs. Like taking a limo to a park while wearing a white dress.

He said now it's legal problems.

Scott's been clean and sober for quite for some time. Duff mentioned how the District Attorney (DA) has "a hard-on" for Scott and how she heard about VR doing a video. She wouldn't let Scott do it even thought the rehab people said it would be good for Scott.

- When asked about touring, he said they could be back in the UK as soon as June, definately this summer. Duff said the UK was a special place for him since it was the first place where GN'R broke and coming there is alsmot like going back home to Seattle.

The Danish network TV2 has a program called "Rundfunk" and tomorrow they'll show an interview with Slash and Duff.

Felix, the host, met them in Amsterdam and the show is on the 25th of March at 17.00 CET.

Drummer Josh Freese recently spoke to the Las Vegas Review-Journal about working with two of the most talked-about singers in the rock world: A PERFECT CIRCLE's Maynard James Keenan and GUNS N' ROSES' Axl Rose.

Although Keenan is often painted as a dark recluse, and Rose as a megalomaniac, Freese said he has no odd revelations about either singer.

"Axl was always nice to me and always generous," Josh said. "People want to hear horror stories, but I personally don't have any. And Maynard is a serious artist who, on one hand in regular life, could be as normal as you or I.


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