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Author Topic: I saw Buckethead last night in Chicago.  (Read 22331 times)
« Reply #40 on: November 19, 2006, 06:36:13 PM »

Good grief... what have I gotten myself into? Roll Eyes Tongue

For somebody who’s so into the slander-part of the board rules it sure makes you look silly to be talking about a Neanderthal-reply... Good going there, you've just disqualified you’re whole whiny rant on slander.

Hypocrisy? Perhaps, but no more than you've shown. I'm not one to slander or insult people, but when somebody attacks me first, I think I'm entitled to play loose with the rules of 'netiquette' in my reply to them.

And that was hardly a rant. It was three sentences. That doesn't qualify as a rant.
a mistake is quickly made when people are passionate about something, as is illustrated by your hypocritical application of the slander rule.
...or by your initial reply to me, wherein you called me a 'mental midget', declared me a non-fan, and asked for me to be banned over an innocent mistake.
...ones like you who seem to have no clue whatsoever what Buckethead is about, yet don’t hesitate calling themselves “fans”... Real Buckethead fans are... Real fans have... His true fans... All of them would be very sad if the man one day would decide to loose the character and start performing unmasked like all the others.
That's just your opinion, and a rather elitist stance to take, IMO. You're saying that I'm a non-fan because I don't put a lot of weight on the imagery and identity of Buckethead. I would disagree. For me, I'm just into his music. He's one of my favourite guitarists, and one of the few guys playing these days who continuously re-invents himself. I could care less if he wore a mask, I'd still listen to him.

To me, a non-fan is somebody who's into his work solely for the costume and gimmickry aspect, or thinks that his musical career began with Guns n' Roses. But again, these are just my own opinions, and I'm not about to go on acting as if they're some moral compass by which others' should be judged, as you do. To each there own...
The innocence of your mistake is illustrated by the fact that a board rule is dedicated to that picture.
Well, if you've convinced yourself that I posted that photo as a malicious 'ambush' against helpless fans, then there's nothing I can do to change that... arguing with you further would be nothing more than watering a cement garden in that case. If in fact you yourself are one of these hardcore fans that you speak of, that has had their perception of Buckethead ruined by my mistake, then you have my apologies. It wasn't my intent.

Can we please move on now?
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