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Author Topic: Trading lists - post your list here  (Read 234696 times)
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« on: April 05, 2004, 06:50:56 AM »

This is the thread for your trading lists. Post what you have and if you feel like it, what you're looking for. You can also add some trading rules that you might practise.

This thread should only be used for posting lists. Set up trades by using PMs and/or e-mail.

As your collection grows, you can update your listing in this thread.

If you stop trading, it would be nice if you removed your list.

Thank you.


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« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2004, 11:20:29 AM »

Firstly I trade only CDs.  I dont do Cassette, DVD, VHS, etc.  CD ONLY!!  I use Sony Audio CDR's, and prefer a high quality media in return.  Sony, Memorex, TDK, etc.

If we have not traded in the past, I would prefer you send first.  I am also a member of, and have traded with various members of

I am looking mainly for GNR shows, but I am willing to trade for anything that I think I can use for trading material down the line.  Also, if you have the Jerry Cantrell set from July 5th 1998 in Pecatonica, Illinois (opening for Metallica)-EMAIL ME ASAP.  I am very interested in that set.  I am also highly interested in the Black Sabbath show from November 3rd 1992 in Davenport, IA (or the EXODUS opening set from the same night).

My email address:

My list:

Alice in Chains:

11-04-92 Skydome-Toronto, ON Canada

Allman Brothers:

08-01-1993 Great Woods Ampitheatre, Mansfield, MA (2 CDs w/Zakk Wylde)

Black Label Society:

04-08-2003 San Diego, CA

Black Sabbath:

08-14-1980 Dayton, OH Hara Arena
10-14-1980 2 Disc  Landover, MA Capitol Centre
11-18-1980 Tokyo, Japan Sun Plaza Hall *Show cut short after 70 minutes due to Tony being Ill.
11-27-1980 Sydney, Australia The Capitol Theater

Children of Bodom:

10-14-2003 Paris, France Elysee Montmart 2 Disc (MP3 Source)


11-05-2002 Chicago, Illinois HOUSE OF BLUES 2 Disc


07-31-2003 Live in Alaska 2 Disc (MP3 Source)

Guns N' Roses:

Appetite for Outakes-3 Disc set feature AFD and UYI Demos

Rose Demo+

Various Demos/Outakes/Live Performances-Includes Shadow of Your Love

10-30-1987-CGGB's NYC Acoustic
10-31-1987 Syracuse NY 2 Disc
12-19-1987 Madison WI
02-02-88 MTV's Live at the Ritz
05-09-1988 Felt Forum NY
01-20-1991 Rock in Rio 2 2 Disc
05-27-1991 Hoosier Dome Indianapolis IN 2 Disc *First ever performance of November Rain
07-29-1991 "Revolution Calling" LA CA 2 Disc
02-22-1992 "Banzai Tokyo" Tokyo, Japan 2 Disc (DVD Performance, Incomplete setlist)
04/09/1992 Rosemont Horizon, Chicago Illinois. 3 Disc Rare Performance of COMA (complete SB show, but Paradise City is Audience recorded-most copies of this show are incomplete with PC cut)
01-01-2001 House of Blues Las Vegas 2 Disc *1st Performance with new band, 4 songs debuted live
01-14-2001 Rock in Rio III 2 Disc *First performance of Madagascar
08-17-2002 Chiba Japan 2 Disc
11-17-2002 Moline, Illinois 2 Disc
11-27-2002 Albany, New York *Crowd boot, with Axl's rants cut out

Iron Maiden:

08-10-2003 Tinley Park, Illinois (Chicago) Tweeter Center 2 Disc

Led Zeppelin:

01-09-1970 Royal Albert Hall
09-19-1970 Madison Square Garden NYC 2 Disc
06-22-1972 Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, California 2 Disc
06-20-1980 "Brussels Affair" 2 Disc


01-29-1986 "Rattlehead on Devil's Island" Rainbow Room Denver, CO *First performance of Peace Sells
04-18-1988 "Set the World Afire" Toronto Concert Hall Toronto, ON *Not recorded DAO
06-27-1997 "Anarchy in France" 2 Disc
07-19-1998 Alpine Valley WI "Ozzfest"
07-24-2001 Osaka, Japan 2 Disc
11-01-2001 Rockford, Illinois 2 Disc


The Apocalypse-3 Disc box set featuring studio demos, No Life Til Leather, and Jason's side Project IR8.

05-30-1986 Col Ballroom Davenport IA "The Wild Bunch"
06/05/1993 "Tearing Your Insides Out" Milton Keynes, England 2 Disc


03-13-2001 Poughkeepsie, NY - Mid Hudson Civic Center


06-30-1987 Mann Music Center Philadelphia, PA

07-30-1989 "Unforgettable Night" Legends Club, Chicago, Illinois *W/ Buddy Guy

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« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2004, 12:20:35 AM »

here is my trading list

guns n'roses 05-09-88 felt forum ny 1st gen vhs(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner-> 2 dvd-r(ntsc)
guns n'roses 08-07-88 orange country middletown 1st gen vhs(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(ntsc)
guns n'roses 10-22-89 los angelas low/very low gen (ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(ntsc)
guns n'roses 06-07-91 toronto canada 1st gen vhs(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner-> dvd-r(ntsc)
guns n'roses 06-08-91 toronto canada 1st gen vhs(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner-> 2 dvd-r(ntsc)
guns n'roses 08-17-91 stockholm sweden 1st gen vhs(pal)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(pal)(2 cam mix)
guns n'roses 04-09-92 chicago low gen vhs(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner- 2 dvd-r(ntsc)
guns n'roses 06-06-92 paris france svhs master(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner-> 2 dvd-r(ntsc)
guns n'roses 06-06-92 paris france low gen->pc authored/pc burner -> 3 dvd-r
guns n'roses 06-16-92 gateshead england 2th gen vhs(pal)-pc authored/pc burner-2 dvd-r(pal)
guns n'roses 02-06-93 auckland new zealand 1st gen vhs(pal)->pc authored/pc burner->2 dvd-r(pal)
guns n'roses 03-06-93 new haven 1st gen vhs(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner->2 dvd-r(ntsc)
guns n'roses 01-15-01 rock in rio 3 brasil 1st gen vhs(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner -> 2 dvd-r(ntsc)
guns n'roses 08-23-02 leeds festival england ntsc mini dv master(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(ntsc)
guns n'roses 08-23-02 leeds festival england 1st gen vhs(pal)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(pal) incomplete ONLY FOR TRADE AGAINST RARE GN'R QUALITY STUFF
guns n'roses 08-24-02 pukkelpop festival belgium dv clone(pal)standalone xp mode->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(pal/ntsc)
guns n'roses 08-26-02 london england mini dv clone(pal)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(pal)
guns n'roses 08-29-02 new york mtv vma's direct capture pc(ntsc)-pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(ntsc)
guns n'roses 11-21-02 auburn hils 1 st gen vhs(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner-dvd-r(ntsc)
guns n'roses 11-27-02 pepsi arena albany 1st gen vhs(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner->2 dvd-r(ntsc)
guns n'roses 11-29-02 toronto canada dv master(ntsc)-> pc authored/pc burner -> dvd-r(ntsc) ONLY FOR TRADE AGAINST RARE GN'R QUALITY STUFF
guns n'roses 12-02-02 boston dv master(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(ntsc)(screenshot)
guns n'roses 12-02-02 boston 1 st gen vhs(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner->(ntsc)(center balcony shot)
guns n'roses 12-05-02 madison sqaure garden new york dv master(ntsc)->standalone dvd burner-> dvd-r(ntsc)
slash snakepit 07-08-95 pistoia italy master vhs (pal)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(pal)
loaded 05-28-02 clubvodka(whit slash also) 1st gen vhs(ntsc)-> standalone dvd burner->dvd-r(ntsc)
velvet revolvers 04-29-02 randi castillo tribute 1st gen vhs(ntsc)-> standalone dvd burner->dvd-r(ntsc)
velvet revolvers 03-26-03 jimmy kimmel show live whit cypres hill master vhs(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(ntsc)
adlers appetite/suki jones 05-18-03 philadephia master(ntsc)->xp mode/pc burner-dvd-r(ntsc)
adlers appetite 01-26-04 paard denhaag holland digital 8 master(pal)->pc authored/pc burner-dvd-r(pal)

Bon Jovi 4/10/03 Anaheim CA 130 min (ntsc) dv master->standalone burner-> dvd-r(ntsc)
bruce springsteen 10-16-02 barcelona 85 min master ->pc authored -> dvd-r
bruce springsteen 11-24-02 tampa 140 min master (ntsc) ->standalone burner -> 2 dvd-r (ntsc)
bruce springsteen 03-08-03 jacksonville florida 170 min digital8/mini dv master (ntsc) ->standalone burner-> 2 dvd-r (ntsc) 2 cam mix
bruce springsteen 09-13-03 FedEx Field, Washington dvmasters (ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner->2 dvd-r(4 cam mix)
evanescence 06-07-03 rock am ring germany direct capture tv broadcast(pal)->pc authored/pc burner-> dvd-r(pal)
linkin park 6-03-01 rock am ring germany direct capture tv broadcast(pal)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(pal)
oasis 10-13-01 barrowlands glasgow schotland tv broadcast->standalone burner/pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r
metallica 06-08-03 rock am ring germany direct capture tv broadcast(pal)->pc authored/pc burner->2 dvd-r(pal
megadeth colorado 99 (ntsc) 1st gen vhs-> pc authored/pc burner-> dvd-r (ntsc)
pearl jam 03-16-92 new york(unplugged) 1st gen vhs->pc authored/pc burner-> dvd-r
pearl jam 04-11-94 boston (ntsc) low gen vhs?->pc authored/pc burner-> dvd-r (ntsc)
pearl jam 08-25-00 jones beach 1st gen vhs/digital master(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(ntsc) 2 cam mix
pearl jam 10-05-00 toronto canada 1st gen vhs(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(ntsc) 2 cam mix
pearl jam 10-14-00 houston digital master(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(ntsc)
pearl jam 10-15-00 houston digital master(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(ntsc)
pearl jam 11-06-00 key arena seatle digital master(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(ntsc)
pearl jam 12-09-02 key arena digital 8 master(ntsc)-pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(ntsc)
pearl jam 03-03-03 budokan tokyo 129 min 1st gen vhs (ntsc) -> standalone burner -> 2 dvd-r (ntsc)
pearl jam 04-11-03 westpalm beach 133 min digital8 (ntsc) master->standalone burner-> 2 dvd-r (ntsc)
pearl jam 04-13-03  tampa 123 min digital8/mini dv masters (ntsc) ->standalone burner -> 2 dvd-r (ntsc) 2 cam mix
pearl jam 04-30-03 nassau ny dv master (ntsc)->standalone burner->dvd-r(ntsc)
pearl jam 06-05-03 san diego digital 8 master->pc authored/pc burner-> 2 dvd-r
pearl jam 06-18-03 chicago dv master->pc authored/pc burner-> 2 dvd-r
pearl jam 10-25-03 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View dv master->pc authored/pc burner-> dvd-r
pearl jam 10-26-03 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View dv master->pc authored/pc burner-> dvd-r
pearl jam 07-17-03 mexico tv broadcast->standalone dvd burner/pc authored/pc burner-? 2 dvd-r
rage against the machine 02-04-00 dusseldorf 68 min direct capture to hard drive(pal)->pc authored/pc burner-> dvd-r(pal)
red hot chilli peppers inglewood masters->pc authored/pc burner-> dvd-r(2 cam mix)
rolling stones 10-31-02 los angeles dv master(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r(ntsc)
rolling stones 11-12-02 oakland  120 min (ntsc) 1st gen vhs?-> standalone burner sp mode -> dvd-r(ntsc)
rolling stones 01-18-03 madison sqaure garden ny silver pressed pc authored dvd
rolling stones 03-10-03 budokan tokyo  120 min (ntsc) master ->standalone burner sp mode-> dvd-r(ntsc)
rolling stones 12-03-03 yokohama arena 108 min (ntsc) master -> standalone burner sp mode -> dvd-r(ntsc)
skid row japan 92 (ntsc) 1st gen vhs->pc authored/pc burner-> 2 dvd-r (ntsc)
tool 07-19-02 thomas & mack center pc authored/pc burner-> dvd-r (ntsc)
u2 12-05-00 irvine plaza new york master ore 1st gen vhs(ntsc)->pc authored/pc burner-> dvd-r (ntsc)
u2 03-26-01 florida master ->standalone burner->dvd-r
u2 07-21-01 turin italy* silver pressed pc authored dvd
u2 12-02-01`miami dv masters->pc authored/pc burner->dvd-r (2 cam mix)
nirvana unplugged and unseen low/verry low gens ->pc authored/pc burner-> dvd-r

and wil be getting gnr stlouis 91 proshot on dvd verry soon

my bootleg trading site
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« Reply #3 on: April 22, 2004, 01:38:13 AM »

my list:


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« Reply #4 on: April 22, 2004, 11:53:39 AM »

here is my list. what i really want is the St. Louis 91' pro shot dvd.  Grin

email me at if your intersted in trading. thanks

01/01/01 House of Blues
01/15/01 Rock In Rio 3
08/17/02 Tokyo
08/18/02 Osaka
08/23/02 Leeds
08/24/02 Pukkelpop
08/26/02 London
11/08/02 Tacoma
11/08/02 Tacoma SOUNDBOARD
11/11/02 Idaho SOUNDBOARD
11/14/02 Minneapolis
11/15/02 Fargo
11/17/02 Moline
11/18/02 Chicago
11/21/02 Detroit
11/22/02 Pittsburgh
11/24/02 Cleveland full show
11/24/02 Cleveland SOUNDBOARD
11/25/02 Columbus
11/27/02 Albany,NY
11/29/02 Toronto,ontario,canada
11/30/02 London,Ontario,canada
12/02/02 Boston,MA
12/03/02 Hartford
12/05/02 Madison Square Garden

New GUNS N' ROSES video:
01/14/01 Rock In Rio 3 PRO SHOT VHS
11/18/02 Chicago Right Side VHS VCD
11/18/02 Chicago Left Side VHS
11/21/02 Detroit VHS
11/25/02 Columbus SCREEN SHOT VHS VCD
11/27/02 Albany,NY Left Side VHS
11/27/02 Albany,NY Center Balcony VHS VCD
11/30/02 London,ontario,canada VHS
12/02/02 Boston Screen Shot VHS
12/02/02 Boston center balcony VHS
12/02/02 Boston Right Side VHS
12/05/02 MSG VHS VCD

01/18/86 Hollywood, CA The ROXY 86 mins. vcd
03/11/86 Los Angeles, CA Music Machine 50 mins vcd
??/??/86 Hollywood, CA The Central 18 mins vcd
02/02/88 Live at the RITZ editied vhs pro
02/02/88 Live at the RITZ UNCUT vhs pro
12/15/88 Melbourne, Austraila vhs vcd
01/20/91 Rock in rio 2 vhs vcd
01/23/91 Rock in rio 2 vhs vcd
05/16/91 Live at the Ritz vhs VCD
05/25/91 Live in Indiana vcd
06/07/91 Live at Grandstand, Toronto, Canada VHS VCD
06/13/91 Live at Philadelphia Spectrum vhs
04/06/92 Live in Oklahoma vhs vcd
04/09/92 Live in CHICAGO vhs vcd
12/02/92 Live in Chile vhs vcd
03/09/93 Live in Hartford vcd
06/30/93 Modena vcd
07/17/93 Argentina vcd

Old Guns n roses cds:
live ep 1987
10.27.1987 Boston
Mansfield '88
05.12.1988 osaka japan
08.20.1988 Donnington
10.18.1989 live in la
07.17.1991 live in washington
05.29.1993 live in milton keynes,england
Axl's Advance Copy
02-23-93 Austin
Hartford 93'

Velvet Revolver live at El Rey 2003 cd
Velvet Revolver live at El Rey 2003 VHS VCD

06/27/96 NEW YORK 3rd night(3 camara mix) vhs
10/29/99 Las Vegas pro shot (with alot of bonus kiss stuff) vhs
09/6/00 New Jersey pro shot vhs
10/7/00 Charleston, S.C. last show with all original members vhs
KISS HALLOWEEN Tape includes(kiss on millenium, Mad Tv, Live 3d concert 10/31/98) VHS
KISS EGOS AND ICONS vhs (includes KISS Farewell tour kick off)
KISS Symphony BRAND NEW pro shot + makin of the kiss symphony vhs

Iron Maiden
Rock In Rio 3 vhs

06/16/02 hollyweird tour vhs
07/2/02 hollyweird tour vhs
Poison music video collection vhs

03/21/96 at Die Rohre; Stuttgart, Germany The Shocking Return(first show back)soundboard cd
05/31/96 at Water St. Music Hall; Rochester, NY soundboard cd
04/24/97 Germany VHS and VCD and cd
04/25/97 Sweden VHS and VCD and cd
11/11/97 at First Avenue Club; Minneapolis, MN soundboard cd
12/07/97 at Liquid Room; Shinjuku, Japan VHS
07/26/98 at Estadio Chile; Santiago, Chile Psycho in Chili w/mike hidouse soundboard cd
07/01/00 at Centennial Ballroom @ The Hyatt; Atlanta, GA cd
07/15/00 at Museum; Buenos Aires, Argentina cd
10/25/00 at House Of Blues; Orlando, FL michale and chuds last cd
10/28/00 at Hidden Valley; Irvine, CA soundboard cd
98-03 a bunch of michale graves demos
Evil Live 2
Kryst the Conqueror - Deliver us from evil( jerry and doyles band in the late 80s) cd

Gotham Road (michale graves new band)
12-13-03 cd
02-13-04 cd
02-21-04 cd
DNA Lounge cd


01-24-10 Hamilton
01-25-10 London
11-02-11 Atlanta
11-12-11 Kansas City
12-04-11 Nashville
02-19-12 Chicago
03-01-12 Atlanta
11-23-12 Vegas
11-24-12 V
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South Of Heaven

« Reply #5 on: May 05, 2004, 08:38:59 PM »

check my signature

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« Reply #6 on: May 10, 2004, 01:28:53 PM »

  This is my bootlegs list (Video and cd)  All of my videos are on VHS (NTSC american system)
 For trades or any other please contact me at:  and/or PM me (both please)

  Urgently looking for St. Louis 1991 on vhs and dvd any other thing I dont have.

Video List:


1.   Los Angeles, California.  LA Coliseum.  1989..   Aud. B-


2.   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  1/20/91.  Maracana Stadium.  
3.   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  1/23/91. Maracana Stadium.

4.   New York City, NY. 5/16/91.  The Ritz.  
5.   MTV 1991 Tour Kickoff special from Alpine Valley, Wisconsin.  5/24/91.  (special)
    PRO A +. 110 min.
6.   Noblesville, Indiana.  5/28/91.  Deer Creek Music Center.
7.   Toronto, Canada.  6/7/91. CNE Grandstand
8.   Toronto, Canada. 6/8/91. CNE Grandstand
9.   Saratoga Springs, NY.  6/10/91.  Performing Arts Center.
10.   Philadelphia, PA.  6/12/91.  The Spectrum
11.   Uniondale, NY.  6/17/91.  Nassau Colliseu (right side)
12.    Uniondale, NY. 6/17/91.  Nassau Colliseum (left side)
13.   Landover, MD.  6/19/91.  Capitol Centre.
14.   Tacoma, Washington. 7/16/91.  Tacoma Dome.
15.   Costa Mesa, California.  Pacific Ampitheater.  7/25/91.
16.    St. Louis, MO.  7/2/91.  Riverfront Amphitheater.  (Riot Special)
 Reports from riot show + axl being arrested and released etc.
17.   Stockholm, Sweden.   8/17/91.  The Globe Arena
18.   London, England.  8/31/91.  Wembley Stadium.
19.   New York City, NY.  12/9/91.  Madison Square Garden.
20.   Philadelphia, PA.  12/16/91.  The Spectrum.
21.    Philadelphia, PA.  12/17/91.  The Spectrum.
22.   Miami, Fla.  12/31/91.  Joe Robbie Stadium


23.    Las Vegas, Nevada.  Thomas & Mack Center. 1/25/92.
PRO A.  4 min.  ( Only song Yesterdays from this show)
24.    San Diego, California.  San Diego Sports Arena.  1/27/92.
25.   Tockyo, Japan.  2/22/92.  Tockyo Dome
26.   Oklahoma City, OK. 4/6/92.  Myriad Aren
27.   Chicago, ILL.  4/9/92.  Rosemount Horizon
28.   London, England.  4/20/92.  Wembley Stadium.
  Freddy Mercury tribute concert  PRO A. 60 min.
29.   Dublin, Ireland.  5/16/92.  Slane Castle
30.    Prague, Czechoslovakia.  5/20/92.  Strahovsky Stadium of Prague.  (Special)
Illussions tour special from Czechoslovakia with interviews and news from Euro Tour 92.  
31.   Prague, Czechoslovakia.  5/20/92. Strahovsky Stadium. (Full concert)
32.   Vienna, Austria.  Donau Insel Stadium. 5/23/92.
33.    Berlin, Germany.  Olympic Stadium.  5/26/92.
34.   Stuttgart, Germany.  Neckar Stadium.  5/28/92.
35.   Koln, Germany.  5/30/92.  Mungersdorfer Stadion.  
36.   Hannover, Germany. 6/3/92.  Neidersachen Stadium.
37.   Paris, France.  6/6/92.  Hippodrome of Vincennes.
38.    Gateshead, England. 6/13/92.  International Stadium.
39.   Rotterdam, Holland.  Feyenoord Stadium.  6/23/92.
40.   Turin, Italy.  6/27/92.  Stadio Delle? Alpi
41.   Lisbon, Portugal.  7/2/92.  Sporting Club Stadium of Alvalade
42.    Washington D.C. 7/17/92.  RFK Stadium
43.   MTV?s live & loud special of the GNR/Metallica tour (special
44.   East Rutherford, New Jersey.  7/18/92.  Giants Stadium
45.   Montreal, Canada.  8/8/92.  Olympic Stadium
46.    Montreal, Canada.  8/9/92.  (Special)
News and reports from the riot show in Montreal the previous day.
47.   Toronto, Canada.  9/13/92.  Exhibition Stadium.
48.   Kansas City, MO.  9/17/92.  Arrowhead Stadium.
49.   Oakland, California. 9/24/92.  Oakland Stadium.
50.    Bogota, Colombia.  11/30/92.   Estadio el Campin.  A really rare bootleg.  
51.    Santiago de Chile, Chile.  11/30/92.  Estadio Nacional de Santiag
52.    Buenos Aires, Argentina.  12/5/92.  River Plate Stadium.
53.    Sao Paulo, Brazil.  12/1992.
Pro A & B (it varies throughout the video)  reports and some footage from Sao Paulo show in December 92.    30 min.


54.    Use Your Illussion Tour special from Australia and Newzealand.  2/1993.  (special)  
55.    Auckland, Newzealand.  2/6/93.  Mt. Smart Stadium.
56.   New Haven, CT.  3/6/93.  New Haven Colliseum.
57.    Hartford, CT. 3/9/93.  Hartford Civic Center.
58.   Hamilton, Canada. 3/12/93.  Copps Colliseum.
59.   Sacramento, California.  4/3/93.  Arco Arena.
60.   Mexico City, Mexico.  Palacio de los Deportes.  4/21/93
61.   Milton Keynes, England.  5/ 29 & 30/ 93.  Milton Keynes Bow
62.   Oslo, Norway. 6/10/93.  Valle Hovi
63.    Koln, Germany. 6/19/93.  Mungersdorfer Stadium.
64.    Frankfurt, Germany. 6/25/93.  Wald Stadium.
65.   Modena, Italy.  6/29/93.  Stadio Bragli
66.   Modena, Italy. 6/30/93.  Stadio Braglia.  Second show
67.    Barcelona, Spain.  7/5/93.  Estadio Olimpico de Montejui
68.    Madrid, Spain.  7/6/93.  Vicente Calderon Stadium.
69.    Werchter, Belgium.  7/11/93.  Werchter Festival Groun
70.    Paris, France. 7/13/93.  Palais Omnisports de Bercy.
71.    Buenos Aires, Argentina.  7/17/93.  River Plate Stadium.  (concert + special) + some interviews to GNR in Argentina/ Axl?s press conference for drug possession, Axl, Duff, and Slash outside their hotel room balcony at the Hilton in Buenos Aires.
72.    Buenos Aires, Argentina.  7/17/93.  River Plate Stadium.  (full unedited concert
73.     Axl participation in Steven Adler?s trial in 1993
74.   Much Music Special from Toronto and Vancouver with Slash.  1/1994.
75.    GNR Specials:  Blown Away 1991/ Famous last words by Axl Rose 1990/ Slash on the Howard Stern Show in 1995.
76.   November Rain live at the VMA?s 1992 with Elton John/ Slash Interview on Latin MTV in 1996/ GNR reports on Latin MTV in 1996.
77.    The Macking of Don?t Cry. 1991.
78.    The Macking of November Rain. 1992.  
79.    The Macking of Estranged. 1993.  
80.    GNR Specials: Rockumentary from MTV/ Slash interview in 2000/ Celebrity Deathmatch between Slash and Axl on MTV 2000/ and Slash on the Today Show 2001.
81.   Compilation Video # 1.  
82.   Compilation Video # 2.
83.   Compilation Video # 3.  
84.   GUNS N ROSES (THE VIDEOS) all videos + some live and at awards shows.


85.    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Rock City, Barra de Tijuca (Rio).  1/15/2001.    (Direct TV version) complete and uncut.
86.    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Rock City, Barra de Tijuca (Rio) 1-2001.  (Multi show Brazil Version).  


87.     Leeds, England.  8/23/2002.   Temple Newsam Park (screenshot)
88.    Hasselt Kiewit, Belgium.  8/24/2002.  Pukkelpop Festival (right side)
89.   London, England.  8/26/2002.  London Arena (left side)
90.    Radio City Music Hall, New York.  11/18/2002.   MTV VMAS
 + axl interview after the performance.
91.    Chicago, Illinois.  11/18/2002.  All State Arena  (Version 1) (left side)
92.     Chicago, Illinois.  11/18/2002.  All State Arena. (Version 2) (center)
93.    Auburn Hills, Michigan.  11/21/2002.  The Palace of Auburn Hills.
94.   Columbus, Ohio. 11/25/2002.  Nationwide Arena (screenshot)
95.   Albany, NY.  11/27/2002.  Pepsi Arena  (Version 1) (left side)
96.    Albany, NY.  11/27/2002.  Pepsi Arena. (Version 2) (center)
97.    London, Ontario (Canada).   11/30/2002.    John Labatt Center.
98.   Boston, MA.  12/02/2002.  Fleet Center  (Version 1)
Shot from upper center balcony with excellent close-ups.
99.   Boston, MA.  12/02/2002.  Fleet Center. (Version 2)
100.    New York, NY.  12/05/2002.  Madison Square Garden.  
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« Reply #7 on: May 10, 2004, 01:44:33 PM »




   I?m very interested in getting a good quality St.louis 1991 on VHS or DVD.
     Always willing to trade and to find upgraded or better  versions of the shows I already have.

     CD LIST:

1.   Alpine Valley, Wisconsin. 5/24/91.  Alpine Valley Music Theatre.  2 cds  
2.   St.Louis, Mo.  7/2/91.  Riverport Amphitheatre  1 cd  
3.   Dallas, Texas.  7/9/91. Starplex Theatre. 2 cd.  
4.   Denver, Colorado. 7/11/91.  McNicols Sports Arena.  1 cd  
5.   Inglewood, California. 8/3/91.  Great Western Forum. 4 cd  
6.   Stockholm, Sweden.  8/17/91.  The Globe Arena.  2 cd  Stockholm Illusions Cd Bootleg
7.   London, England. 8/31/91.  Wembley Stadium. 2 cd GNR Rock Wembley Cd Bootleg
8.   Tokyo, Japan. 2/20/92.  Tokyo Dome.  3 cd  
9.   Tokyo, Japan. 2/22/92.  Tokyo Dome. 4 cd  Rocket Queen Cd Bootleg.
10.   Budapest, Hungary. 5/22/92.  Nep Stadium.  2 cd.
11.   Paris, France. 6/6/92.  Hippodrome of Vincennes. 2 cd  Say Your Prayers Cd Bootleg
12.   London, England. 6/13/92.  Wembley Stadium. 2 cd.  
13.   Wurzburg, Germany. 6/20/92.  Talavera Mainwiesen.  2 cd  
14.   Basel, Switzerland. 6/21/92.  St.Jakob Stadium. 2 cd  
15.   Turin, Italy. 6/27/92.  Stadio Delle? Alpi. 2 cd  
16.   Indianapolis, Indiana. 7/22/92.  Hoosier Dome.  GNR/Metallica tour. 2 cd  
17.   Orchard Park, NY. 7/25/92. Rich Stadium.  GNR/Metallica tour 2 cd.  
18.   Phoenix, Arizona. 8/25/92.  International Raceway. GNR/Metallica tour. 2 cd.  
19.   New Orleans, Louisiana. 8/29/92.  Superdome. GNR/Metallica tour. 2 cd.
20.   Orlando, Florida. 9/2/92. Citrus Bowl. GNR/Metallica tour. 2 cd.
21.   Seattle, Washington. 10/6/92.  Kingdome. GNR/Metallica tour. 2 cd
22.   Caracas, Venezuela. 11/25/92.  Poliedro de Caracas.  2 cd
23.   Santiago de Chile, Chile. 11/28/92.  Estadio Nacional. 2 cd. Rockin in Chile Cd Bootleg
24.   Tockyo, Japan. 1/14/93.  Tockyodome 2 cd.   Japan 93 Cd Bootleg.
25.   Tockyo, Japan. 1/15/93. Tockyodome. 2 cd
26.   Sidney, Australia. 1/30/93.  Eastern Creek Raceway. 2 cd
27.   Boston, Massachusetts. 3/17/93. Boston Garden. 2 cd.
28.   Guadalajara, Mexico. 4/21/93.  Estadio de Jalisco. 2 cd
29.   Athens, Greece. 5/24/93.  Olympic Stadium.  2 cd
30.   Nijmegen, Holland. 6/5/93.  Goffert Park.  2 cd
31.   Copenhagen, Denmark. 6/8/93.  Gentofte Stadium. 2 cd
32.   Stockholm, Sweden.  Olympic Stadium. 6/12/93. 2 cd
33.   Karlsruhe, Germany. 6/22/93.  Wild Park Stadium.  2 cd
34.   Buenos Aires, Argentina. 7/16/93.  River Plate Stadium. 2 cd. Live in Argentina 93 Cd Bootleg
35.   Guns N Roses Unplugged.  1993 (taken from various live shows of 93)  1 cd.  GNR Unplugged Cd Bootleg.
36.   Las Vegas, Nevada.  1/1/2001. House of Blues.  2 cd
37.   Tockyo , Japan.  8/17/2002. Chiba  Marine Stadium.   2 cd
38.   Osaka, Japan. 8/18/2002.  WTC Open Air Stadium.  2cd
39.   Leeds, England. 8/23/2002.  Temple Newsam Park.  2 cd
40.    Hasselt Kiewit, Belgium.  8/24/02.  Pukkelpop Festival. 2 cd
41.   London, England. 8/26/2002.  London Arena. 2 cd
42.   Radio City Music Hall. New York, NY. 8/29/2002.  1 cd  
43.    Tacoma, Washington.  11/8/02. Tacoma Dome. 2 cd
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Riot Act

« Reply #8 on: May 20, 2004, 06:35:50 AM »

Hey all you punks in the press Smiley  

Uhhh, I mean, Gn'R traders, I finally updated my website. It is now up and running, all links are systems go.

I still have about 25 cdrs and 15 cds (oh how I love 'em silver discs!) to add, but in the meantime, feel free to check out what is indeed up and about.

My web address is ::

I also have a trading messages board ( oh la la, how fancy) @ Feel free to sign up and post. It's kinda lonely when yer the only member.

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guitar god

« Reply #9 on: May 20, 2004, 11:49:39 AM »


Matt Sorum: From the rock n? roll jungle.
Welcome to the videos
Makin? of November Rain
Makin? of Don?t Cry
Makin? of Estranged
Illusion Years (Mtv Europa)
GN?R Flashback (MTV 91) (50 min)
GN?R Past, Present & Future - MTV 1992 (20 min)
GN?R & Metallica Tour: Live & Loud 1992 (25 min)
In The Ring Documentary (TV) (30 min)
Australian '93 TV Specials (TV) (60 min)
Mtv Use Your Illusion Tour Kickoff Special (TV) (90 min)
Mtv Interview Uncut - (Tv) (170 min)
Mtv Varios Interviews - (TV) (120 min)
Mtv Compilation - (TV) (120 min)
xx.xx.85 -  Axl & Tracii Guns / Shark Island (Aud) (6 min)
xx.xx.86 - The Central, Hollywood, CA (Aud) (18 min)
01.18.86 - The Roxy, Hollywood, CA (Aud) (86 min) (DVD Y VHS)
03.11.86 - Music Machine, Los Angeles, CA (Tv) (51 min) (VCD Y VHS)
03.28.86 - The Roxy, Hollywood, CA (Aud) (117 min)
07.11.86 - The Trobadour, Hollywood, CA (Aud) (89 min)
11.24.87 - Tv Interview Backstage, Lakeland, FL (Tv) (DVD) (25 min)
02.02.88 - The Ritz, New York, NY (Tv) (67 min) (DVD Y VHS)
03.31.88 - Fox's Late Show (8 min)
05.09.88 - Felt Forum, New York, NY (Aud) (104 min) (VCD Y VHS)
05.14.88 - Metro Centre, Halifax, Canada (Aud) (42 min)
07.27.88 - Hilton Coliseum, Ames, IA (Aud) (41 min)
08.04.88 - Philadelphia Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA (Tv) (51 min)
08.07.88 - Orange County Fairgrounds, Middletown, NY (Aud) (48 min) (DVD Y VHS)
09.07.88 - Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, (Tv) (5 min)
12.07.88 - Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan (Aud) (103 min)
12.15.88 - Entertainment Centre, Melbourne, Australia (Tv) (101 min) (VCD Y VHS)
01.30.89 - Shrine audit?rium, Los Angeles, CA, (Tv) (7 min)
09.06.89 - Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA (Tv) (8 min)
12.19.89 - Convention Center,  Atlantic City, NJ (Tv) (6 min) Rolling Stones
04.07.90 - Hoosier Dome, Indianapolis, IN (Tv)  (13 min)
11.09.90 - Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA [Gak] (Tv) (28 min)
01.20.91 - Maracan? Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (Tv) (100 min) (VCD Y VHS)
01.23.91 - Maracan? Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (Tv) (65 min) (VCD Y VHS)
05.16.91 - The Ritz, New York, NY (Aud) (112 min)
05.29.91 - Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN (Tv) (135 min) (DVD Y VHS)
06.07.91 - CNE Grandstand, Toronto, Canada (Aud) (124 min)
06.10.91 - Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY (Aud) (148 min)
06.13.91 - Philadelphia Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA (Aud) (157 min)
06.17.91 - Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY (Aud) (135 min) (VCD Y VHS)
06.19.91 - Capitol Centre, Landover, MD (Aud) (103 min)
07.25.91 - Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA (Aud) (65 min)
08.16.91 - Globen, Stockholm, Sweden (Aud) (131 min)
08.17.91 - Globen, Stockholm, Sweden (Aud) (137 min) Version 1 (VCD Y VHS)
08.17.91 - Globen, Stockholm, Sweden (Aud) (110 min) Version 2 (VCD Y VHS)
08.24.91 - M?imarktgel?nde, Mannheim, Germany (Aud)(VCD) (130 min)
08.31.91 - Wembley Stadium, London, England (Aud)(VCD) (135 min)
12.09.91 - Madison Square Garden, New York, NY (Aud) (82 min)
12.28.91 - Suncoast Dome, St. Petersburg, FL (Tv) (16 min) (VCD Y VHS)
01.25.92 - Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV  (Tv) (5 min)
02.22.92 - Toyko Dome, Tokyo, Japan (2 Videos) (Tv) (180 min) (DVD Y VHS)
               - Turin  right shot   (3vcd)
04.06.92 - Myriad Arena, Oklahoma City, OK (Tv) (160 min) (DVD Y VHS)
04.09.92 - Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL (2 videos) (Tv) (180 min) (DVD Y VHS)
04.20.92 - Wembley Stadium, London, England (Tv) (18 min)
05.20.92 - Strahov Stadium, Prague, Czechoslovakia (Aud) (VCD)(138 min)
05.26.92 - Olympic Stadium, Berlin, Germany (Aud) (VCD)(134 min)
05.28.92 - Neckar Stadium, Stuttgart, Germany (Aud) (140 min)
06.06.92 - Hippodrome De Vincennes, Paris, France (TV)(VCD) (146 min)
06.16.92 - Gateshead International Stadium, England (Aud) (VCD)(120 min) (VCD Y VHS)
06.27.92 - Stadio Delle Alpi, Turin, Italy (Aud)(3VCD VERSSION) (140 min)
07.02.92 - Alvalade Stadium, Lisbon, Portugal (Aud) (128 min) (VCD Y VHS)
07.17.92 - RFK Stadium, Washington, DC (Aud) (110 min)
08.08.92 - Stade Du Parc Olympique, Montreal, Canad? (Aud) (42 min)
09.09.92 - Pauley Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA  (Mtv vma?s) (Tv) (10 min)
11.30.92 - Estadio El Camp?n, Bogot?, Colombia (Aud) (33 min)
12.02.92 - Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile (Tv) (118 min)
12.02.92 - Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile (Tv) (90 min) (VCD Y VHS)
12.02.92 - Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile (Tv, uncut) (130 min) (VCD Y VHS)
12.05.92 - Estadio River Plate, Buenos Aires, Argentina (TV) (137 min)
12.05.92 - Estadio River Plate, Buenos Aires, Argentina (TV) (145 min) (VCD Y VHS)
02.06.93 - Mount Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand (Aud) (128 min)
03.06.93 - New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT (Aud) (127 min)
03.09.93 - Hartford Civic Center Hartford, CT (Aud) (120 min)
04.03.93 - ARCO Arena, Sacramento, CA (Aud) (99 min)
04.24.93 - Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico City, M?xico (Aud) (88 min)
05.29.93 - National Bowl, Milton Keynes, England (Aud) (90 min)
05.30.93 - National Bowl, Milton Keynes, England (Aud) (40 min) (VCD Y VHS)
06.10.93 - Valle Hovin, Oslo, Norway (Aud) (47 min)
06.30.93 - Modena Stadio, Modena, Italy (Aud) (130 min)
07.13.93 - Palais Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France (Aud) (131 min)
07.17.93 - Estadio River Plate, Buenos Aires, Argentina (TV) (92 min) (VCD Y VHS)
01.19.94 - Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York, NY, USA (TV) (5 min)
01.14.01 - Rock city, Barra de Tijuca, Brasil (TV) (147 min)
08.23.02 - Carling Festival, Leeds, England (Aud) (100 min) (VCD Y VHS)
08.24.02 - Pukkelpop, Hasselt-Kiewit, Belgium (Aud) (53 min) (VCD Y VHS)
08.26.02 - London Arena, London, England (Aud) (107 min) (VCD Y VHS)
08.29.02 - Radio City Music Hall, NY,MTV Vma?s  (TV) (10 min)
11.18.02 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL (Aud) (110 min) (VCD Y VHS)
11.21.02 - Auburn Hills, Detroit, MI (Aud) (100 min)
11.25.02 - Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH (Aud) (118 min) (VCD Y VHS)
11.27.02 - Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY (Aud) (117 min) (VCD Y VHS)
11.30.03 - John Labatt Centre, London, Canada (115 min) (VCD Y VHS)
12.02.02 - FleetCenter, Boston, MA (Aud) (120 min) (DVD Y VHS)
12.05.02 - Madison Square Garden, NY, (Aud) (120 min) (VCD Y VHS)

Slash?s Snakepit y Slash Blues Ball
04.25.95 - The Metro, Chicago, USA, Slash?s Snakepit (Aud) (92 min)
07.20.95 - Buenos Aires, Argentina, Slash?s Snakepit (TV)  (100 min)
07.08.95 - Blues Festival, Tuscany, Italy Slash?s Snakepit (TV) (75 min)
04.08.97 - San Antonio, TX, Slash Blues Ball (Aud) (76 min)
01.31.98 - Hollywood, CA, The Roxy, Slash Blues Ball (Aud) (105 min)
08.22.00 - Wilkes Barre (Aud) (37 min)
09.05.00 - Kiel Center  St. Louis, MO, Slash?s Snakepit (Aud) (38 min)
09.07.00 - Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX, Slash?s Snakepit (Aud) (37 min)
09.20.00 - Oackland (Aud) (37 min)

(TV) : Tv. broadcast
(Aud): Audience recording



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Best Record Ever Made, Plain and Simple!

« Reply #10 on: May 20, 2004, 09:02:26 PM »

My List:

Guns N' Roses:

Axl Rose Rarities: Contains 15 Guns N' Roses and Hollywood Rose unreleased Songs and Demos
GNR Live Rarities:  Contains 28 unreleased live GNR songs that they did during their shows.

Velvet Revolver:
El Ray Show 6/19/03
Smashboxx Show 10/31/03
KROQ Acoustic Set and Interview 4/30/04
Velvet Revolver Interview Disc contains KROQ and Vigin Superstars Radio intreviews.

I am willing to trade through MP3 or WMA format.  Let me know at



Top Hat + Bottle of Jack + Les Paul + Marshall Jubilee Stack = Slash
« Reply #11 on: May 31, 2004, 08:06:51 PM »

Velvet Revolver:
El Ray Show 6/19/03

What is this, a CD or DVD?  I assume a CD since you said MP3 or WMA format.  How is the audio quality?
Christos AG
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Been there, done that...

« Reply #12 on: June 04, 2004, 04:07:10 AM »

email me or pm me if you wanna trade.

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« Reply #13 on: June 06, 2004, 03:39:09 PM »

Roxy 1-18-86 (two CDs)
L.A. Music Machine  3-11-86
Roxy  3-28-86 (two CDs)
Troubadour    7-11-86 (two CDs)
Street Scene  Hollywood  9-21-86
Roxy   3-29-87  (on CD with two other short shows, 1/30/90, 4/7/90, and 1987)
London  6-22-87
Seattle    8-30-87
San Diego   9-4-87
Chicago   10-31-87
Pasadena  12-30-87
Hollywood   1-14-88 (with "Yesterdays" with Steven on drums)
Limelight 1-31-88  ("One in a Million" and "Cornshucker" live)
Ritz 2-2-88 (famous MTV show)
Felt Forum 5-9-88
Philadelphia  8-4-88
Donnington 8-20-88 (famous tragic show where two fans were killed)
Osaka, Japan 12-5-88
Tokyo  12-7-88
Tokyo  12-10-88 (2 CDs) (two songs from Live Era came from this show)
Melbourne, Australia  12-15-88 (2 CDs)
L.A.  10-18-89 (the infamous Axl Rant "This is my Last show with GNR!")
L.A.  10-21-89
Use Your Illusion Demos (featuring 7 UYI songs with Steven Adler on drums)
L.A. Shrine  1-30-90 (1 song, on CD with three other short shows)
Indianapolis 4-7-90 (last show with Steven Adler, featuring "Civil War" and "Down on the Farm" live)
Rio   1-20-91 (incomplete show on 1 CD)
Rio   1-23-91 (2 CDs) (featuring only live performance of "Bad Apples")
Indianapolis  5-27-91 (2 CDs) (also contains studio piano version of "November Rain")
NYC   12-13-91  (3 CDs) (featuring rare live performances of "Locomotive" and "Breakdown")
London  6-13-92 (two CDs)
Seattle  10-6-92  (two CDs)
Austin, TX  2-23-93 (two CDs) (Featuring only known live performance of "Garden of Eden")
Milton Keyes 5-30-93 (two CDs) (Izzy returns, filling in for the injured Gilby Clarke)

NEW BAND (all shows are 2 CDs)
Vegas 1-1-01
Rio  1-15-01
Tokyo  8-17-02
Osaka  8-18-02
Belgium  8-24-02
NYC  12-5-02 (to date, Axl's last live performance)

Osaka   11-14-00

Also have tons of Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, and AC/DC shows.  And a few by Stevie Nicks, Def Leppard, Kiss, Rolling Stones, Sheryl Crow, Belinda Carlisle, and Madonna.

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« Reply #14 on: June 13, 2004, 04:15:11 PM »  my site. email me at

01-24-10 Hamilton
01-25-10 London
11-02-11 Atlanta
11-12-11 Kansas City
12-04-11 Nashville
02-19-12 Chicago
03-01-12 Atlanta
11-23-12 Vegas
11-24-12 V
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Why are you reading this?

« Reply #15 on: June 22, 2004, 05:15:02 PM »

Guns N? Roses


?November Rain? ? collection of studio demo?s from before and during the AFD sessions. Includes versions of several AFD songs as well as the acoustic ?November rain?, ?Back off Bitch? and ?Shadow of your love?

*In addition, I have UYI era demo?s such as ?Crash diet? and ?Bring in back home? as well as rare live tracks on other compilation CD?s, though you all probably already have those.

07/1991 - MaXXXimum (live at the Inglewood forum)
11/2002 ? Live at Boston (remastered)


02/88 ? Live at the Ritz, NY (including excerpts from Rock in Rio 2 as a bonus).
12/92  - Live at the River Plate stadium, Buenos Aries.
12/03 ?Live at MSG, NY

Velvet Revolver

04/04 ? Live in Chicago


08/83 ?Live at First Avenue, Minneapolis
12/87 ? Live at Paisley Park , Minneapolis (featuring Miles Davis)
15/02/04 ? Live at the Filmore, SF
08/88 ? Small club show, The Hague, Holland
?2KTV? ? audio ripped from all of his recent live TV appearances, including his Grammy medley with Beyonce, the MTV musicology special,  and his hall of fame induction performance (featuring ?While my Guitar?)

*I also have a good load of live tracks from his shows in Hawaii last year and his ?Xenophobia? shows at Paisley in 2002 (albeit in mp3 formet)

Led Zeppelin


?Brutal artistry? (3CD set of studio outtakes, culled from the 1974 sessions for ?Physical Graffiti? and (I think) Jimmy Page?s home recordings. Includes ?Swan song?.

?Studio Gems? volume 2 ? More outtakes and home recordings, from around the Led Zep 3 era. Includes ?Hey, hey, what can I do? and early versions of ?Immigrant song?, ?Friends? and others.

7/77 - ?Deep Stryker? ? Live at the LA forum (final show)



10/74 ? Live at the rainbow theatre, London
03/76 ? Live in Osaka, Japan
06/82- Live at the Milton Keynes bowl

*Again, I also have a whole bunch of outtakes, B-sides and rare (sometimes ultra rare) BBC and live tracks across various compilations.


12/75  -Live at the Hammersmith Odeon.

Pink Floyd

12/72 ? ?In a neutral land? ? Live in Zurich

Jimi Hendrix

?Alternate Electric Ladyland? ? Outtakes, unreleased tracks and alternate versions taken from 1968.

Rolling Stones

08/03 ? Live at the Astoria Theatre, London
??/72 ? Live at MSG, NY (f/Stevie Wonder)

?Alternate Sticky fingers? ? Outtakes, unreleased tracks and alternate mixes from the Sticky Fingers sessions.

Smashing Pumpkins

11/00 ? Live at the Union Centre, Chicago (Final arena show)

Billy Corgan (solo)

4/04 ? Live at the Metro, Chicago

David Bowie

05/04 ? Live in Holmdel, NJ (Final US reality tour show)


05/04 ? Live at the Coachella festival, CA

Jane?s Addiction

08/91 ? Live at Lollapalooza, Fairfax, DC


Exit? stage right (Live from 1981 tour, further details not available right now)

Elton John

12/74 ? ?White Christmas? ? live in London

Black Sabbath

01/71 ? Live at Sheffield City Hall

PM or e-mail me (see profile) if you are interested. Information concerning sound quality, set lists etc on request.

The small print

-Pretty much all of this was originally downloaded. Therefore I cannot offer any sort of artwork along with the above discs, and cannot give information on lineages etc. However, I do have the most important bits (i.e. set lists, info on sound quality, and the music)
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« Reply #16 on: July 03, 2004, 05:41:07 PM »

OK here are my lists... instant message me if you've got what I'm after AND I've got what you're lookin' for [cool lyric]:


Guns N Roses - Rock In Rio III [chinese democracy "new" tunes]
Guns N Roses - demos/outtakes/unrealeased
Guns N Roses - BANZAI [2 CDs live in Tokyo]
Guns N Roses - UYI 1&2 CHINA/TAIWAN VERSIONS great album sleeves!

Hollywood Rose - duh!!!

Axl Rose/Tracii Guns/Shark Island - live VIDEO cover of Zeppelin song

L.A. Guns - Black City Breakdown [14 demo tracks w/ Paul Black vocals]
L.A. Guns - [3 tracks Jizzy Pearl vox] LIVE at Tinley Park
L.A. Guns - Collector's Edition 1st E.P.


VERY early GNR videos
Unwanted Illusions



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Use Your Illusion

« Reply #17 on: July 16, 2004, 08:36:00 AM »

ok is my GNR dvd traing list.  More to come in the next week!

if you are interested...PM me or email me.

goodnight tonight
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I'm a llama!

« Reply #18 on: July 25, 2004, 04:41:37 PM »

My trading site can be found here

There'a also a list of my wanted stuff, anyway basically i'm looking for anything i don't have.

I do not sell, so don't ask!

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A load of new shows on my list!!!!

Traders contact me if you think you have something i want!

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